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PHP-SecureArea V2
PHPJabbers Member Login 1.0
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If you want to hide specific resources on your website and grant access to members only, our PHP user login script is just the right tool for your needs. Use Member Login Script to create different contents on your web pages, upload files, and protect them via a simple login form. You can install the login and registration forms on multiple pages using separate integration codes. If you get the script with a Developer Licence, you can make...

The user login & management script provides you with a pre-built user management system for you to use as a standalone script, or to integrate with your existing website.

There's 2 options for integration:

1) Basic...

This is a Simple User Registration and Login Script developed with PHP and MySQL.
With GZ PHP Registration Form script you will be able to manage user,
create password protected areas on your website accessible only through a user...

You can install the Member Login script on as many websites as you want. Installation file will set up the Member Login script for you. Simple copy/paste to place webform on your web pages. Members details - create as many members as you want;...

Create a subscription membership area for a web site and allow authorized users after the purchase of a PayPal subscription. Users are automatically allocated to the membership area after payment has been confirmed from PayPal or manually added...

With this php script you can easily manage a subscription site. It lets you run a membership site, on 100% autopilot.

Script Features:
- Automatically creates accounts
- Automatically suspends delinquent accounts
- Takes...

Password protect your pages with as many passwords and user names as you like. The script may be costumized to fit your needs.

The Xaper is an Advanced User Management System. Nowadays 80% of the websites have user registration and management systems, these systems are considered as basic systems and are generally very loosely coded, which gives the Hackers and Intruders...

User Authentication Class with Database Class is multi-platform compatible. A script that allows user authorization on a site. It mails the user and make them follow a link for verification of signup. This includes a small db class to support the...

TWB Users Management is a php based simple user management program. This program provides ability to maintain your users easily. You can delete email users. Installation is easy. It works with other TWB scripts. It uses Mysql database as backend....

TopSecret built using PHP and it is used to keep intruders and non-members away from your secured informations. Without knowing the username and password no one can enter into the secured area and access the files. Topsecret provides a basic...

tgcSession is a simple class and is a simple script based on php. For php's built in session functions it is a wrapper class. It has different methods like destroy, decode, dump, encode, getCookieParams and getCacheExpire. Constructor is created...

Tactical HYIP Management Suite is a php based script and is a simple suite. With the help of tactical HYIP management suite, users can maintain their forex, hyip or investment site. Features include mass mailing, user authentication, affiliate...

(No SQL Required)(Flatfile) / This script is ideal for anyone selling direct digital downloads! / If you are selling music files, scripts or executable files this script is for you! / Once a customer has purchased a digital product from your site,...

SQLSession is a PHP script based on session on cookies and MySQL database. This script tracks the user by using cookies and prevent malfunctions. It contains core library, database abstraction, static object db interface. Since MySQL is being used...

SQL Session is multi-platform compatible. PHP class for session management with database abstraction based on cookies and MySQL.

Simple Text-File Login is a simple user authentication program built with PHP. This program is ideal for websites with limited number of customers and provides reliable logging systems for the users. Being independent of SQL database, all...

Simple Protect is a PHP script used to authenticate the users by their username and the password to access the protected files or pages on your www. This script will not allow intruders or non-members to enter into the secured area. This page can...

Simple Member is a member management system and is a simple script based on php. This system provides ability to stop non members or new visitors from visiting all areas of a website. It requires Mysql database as backend. Members can signup in...

Secure User Authentication, Support for bannaning, deletion, adding, etc. Based upon MySQL.