New Code
Easy Site Install Script 0.75
PHP Redirect Script 1.0
HostBuilder 1.9.3
HostingBackup Script 0.4.0
Wordmainr 1.0
Community Contingency Locus Script 1.0 Alpha
Skycache Script 2.2
Community Contingency Locus 1.0 Alpha
iScripts Autohoster 3.0
Apache Error Log Mailer 1.0
Ajax Whois 1.0
Yahoo Movie Time Ripper 1.I
WHM Automation 2.4.2016
Website-Domain-Reseller Script 2.1.2003
Top Code
iPanel- Force Ads Into Users Websites With Your 2.01 beta
Ajax Whois 1.0
HostBuilder 1.9.3
PHProxy 0.2
Apache Error Log Mailer 1.0
iScripts Autohoster 3.0
PHP Domain Basic / Pro
Yahoo Movie Time Ripper 1.I
OOApp Web Hosting Service
Dr-Fun grabber 1.0.0
Rawhide Stats Display 1.9.2000
vSACS 1.1.1 / 1.1.2
Modern Bill 4.1.2003
KISSQ (Keep It Simple Stock Quotation) 3.V
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DtCSS is a PHP script that preprocesses your CSS file. It speeds up CSS coding by extending the features to CSS. Such as nested selectors, color mixing and more. DtCSS reads the CSS file with special syntax written for DtCSS, and outputs the standard CSS. It also comes with a smart caching system.

The script helps with the installation process of well known CMSs.

It supports Mambo, Joomla, PhpNuke, PhpBB, SMF, Oscommerce, Moodle, Atutor and WordPress.

You can use this simple PHP script to redirect a user from the page they entered to a different web page. One reason you may want to do this is that the page they are trying to access no longer exists. Using this PHP redirect script, they can be...

Compared to many web hosting software on the market, very little can compare to HostBuilder in terms of resource usage and software requirements. HostBuilder is a PHP-based web hosting system designed for running free web hosts virtually anywhere....

The script can be used for websites hosted on Linux servers, with a MySQL database and FTP access.

HostingBackup has two commponents, a local and a remote one.

The remote component will manage operations like optimization and...

kflorence is using GitHub to share code with you!

GitHub is more than just a place to share code. It's a place to keep tabs on your favorite developers and projects, easily contribute fixes and new features, and visualize what's going...

It allows users to quickly report on different website problems, when the main website goes offline.

Once a dynamic page has been computed, it is stored in a page cache on the server.

If a query for the same URL is made afterwards, the content is immediately served from the cache instead of processing the script again.


It allows users to quickly report on different website problems, when the main website goes offline.

iScripts Autohoster is an open source script which allows you start your own web hosting business. This hosting script is a standalone solution providing automated account management and billing services for web hosting businesses and resellers....

You had enough of manually checking your apache error log files for changes?

You are sure there must be a better way of doing it?

You would like to be informed about the problems on your server the moment they happen?

Whois lookup and domain name search with Ajax technology, without page refresh.
* Type a domain name and its availability will appear instantly.
* Everything done without refreshing the page.
* Display whois detail with cool popup...

Yahoo Movie Time Ripper is an effective PHP based movie script that displays information about movie theater and movie ratings. You can call the functions to display details for required movie theaters and movies. Resulted info are modified with...

WHM Autopilot will provide you with automated account creation, account suspension, domain propogation monitoring, import capabilities, server rotation etc., This script is developed with automation and integration as the benchmark. The main...

This script allows visitors to search and post ads for theirwebsites and domains for sale. The ads are detailed with descriptions, photos,business information and contact forms.People can also list for a fee. After someone has registered, he/she...

SiteBuilder-FX Features & Benefits:Turnkey Web Application to provide an additional revenue stream for your business.Easy to use Web-Based Design System to provide anyone the tools to build a stunning Multimedia WebSite using only a web...

This is a PHP built online weather reporting software that fetches weather forecast from '' website. Site visitors can look for weather conditions by just specifying the name of the city or the zip code. Besides a detailed weather...

vSACS script is included with modifiable html templates, reseller module, extensive of API, and web mail etc., The newer version of this script is included with some minor new features like full domain deletion and reseller hosting plan changes....

Threat Matrix is a little web grabbing script wcich is powered on PHP language. This scipt is highly useful in news publishing sites. All news information are grabbed from 'homeland' website and reports are given with images along with URLs from...

StarXreseller is a web based tool for web hosting resellers and is based on PHP. This software supports Control Panel, Ensim, plesk features, supports customer login and password management. StarXreseller features are, multiple features for each...