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The Webmaster's Bureau - Affiliates Management 1.1
POST Affiliate Pro 1.2.1
POST Affiliate 1.0
Pilot Group Affiliate Program 1.6
phpRegNow 1.0
Phantom Cycler 1.0.9
MyUniverse 1.0
myPTRsite 2.0
My Affiliate 2.0
MLM Affiliate Software 1.1
Hoplink Manager 1.0
GoldPro 1.0
DH-MLM 3.3.2
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Affiliate Master Pro 4
DH-MLM 3.3.2
phpRegNow 1.0
The Webmaster's Bureau - Affiliates Management 1.1
myPTRsite 2.0
Affiliate Pro 1.0
POST Affiliate 1.0
POST Affiliate Pro 1.2.1
aWIZ Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager - pnAffiliate 1.0
Affiliate Manager Professional 3.0
Phantom Cycler 1.0.9
Affiliate Network Pro 7.0
Affiliate/MLM Manager 3
Affiliates module for Esvon Classifieds 1.1
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This script allows affiliates to sign up, login and out, get links, change their details, view stats and retrieve lost passwords. It includes PayPal code, affiliate management, mailshots and a stats module.

A system that allows you to easy set up and maintain your own affiliate program. It supports per click, per lead or per sale fixed or percentage commissions, 2-tier commissions, dynamic configuration of commission amount, payout by PayPal and bank...

An affiliate program that is customizable and easy to use. It features affiliate management, banner/link support, sales and clickthrough viewing, and an interface for both admin and affiliates.

This affiliate program supports unlimited products, advertisements and affiliates. It includes an affiliate management area, an affiliates area for them to check their stats and buy ads, detailed sales and click-through statistics, fixed and...

A script to be used with RegisterNow's affiliate program to sell thousands of software titles from your website and earn a commission. This script saves you the trouble of creating individual links, by allowing you to search their database of...

A cycling script with easy installation and several user and admin features.

This script creates instant affiliate content for the affiliate program. Your site's visitors can browse the main storefronts or categories, and search the database. All links back to CDUniverse will contain your affiliate ID.

This script allows you to setup paid emails, visits and signups programs. It includes a referral program, Gold membership program, advertiser's stats, admin panel and a banner rotator.

A two-tier, percent of sale, Paypal-based affiliate system. It features IP-based affiliate tracking, the ability to be used as a standalone script with any Paypal button, IPN independent, and more.

This software provides automation and flexibility, featuring customizable template driven webpages, full payment and transaction integration with Stormpay and IntGold, and more. Includes a feature to pay your members a 100% matching bonus on their...

Hoplink Manager allows your affiliates to promote multiple products from multiple websites using just one ClickBank account.

An investment website-enabling script with a referral program and more.

Affiliate management software that can manage affiliates up to nine levels deep. Features adjustable affiliate pay, recurring payments, refunds, adjustable time between affiliate-clicked link to loss of credit for sale, auto-generated affiliate...

Compatible with iBill, ccBill, Paycom and more, this script features advanced traffic stats and useful admin panels.

Sharecycle software that is integrated with e-Gold, Int Gold, Evocash, Storm Pay and PayPal. It comes with advanced features like email verification and can be customized to introduce any number of schemes. Profit percentages for the admin can be...

A PPC search engine that is fast and easy to use and install. You can show banners in search results. Sites are only listed under keywords they have bid on, if the site has enough money in its account. Clicks are counted and the visitor is...

A Paypal, eGold or check operated matrix with mass payout option; automatic suspension; user-editing of details; user-viewing of stats, downlines and commissions; user-emailing to referals; and more.

Allow visitors to signup and promote your products for commission. Features a password protected admin page, affiliates stats, and sales/hits/performance reports.

This module allows you to add an affiliate program to your website that uses Esvon Classifieds. Your visitors can sign-up as affiliates and promote your products for a commission. You can define global affiliate commission value and also set it...

This script will take care of the operating, emailing, controlling, collecting and paying aspects of running a MLM/referral system.