New Code
EAAL - Eve API Access Layer 0.1.6
Webform Submissions ACL 6.x-1.0
DnBNOR to QIF converter Recent Album Artwork 1.0.2
Twitter It! 4.4
Inline References 6.x-1.x-dev
RootCandy header panel 6.x-1.x-dev
jL Poll 1.2 beta
Scrollable Content 6.x-2.0-rc1
Admin Notify 5.x-1.1
Asutype 5.0
FW SubPageInADiv (SPIAD) 1.0
Comment automatic title 6.x-1.1
CynergyPDF 1.94
exif-filter 1.0
Top Code
Fuzzy Logic Fractal
CommentEditor: HTML editor for online comments
Area of Polygon using Shoelace formula
Python Dictionary of US States and Territories
ASIO Proxy
Wolfram-style cellular automata
For Characters in a String, Replace with Character
Changing the background color of the menu bar in a wxPython Windows app
Python Program for Windows domain based machines to collect usefull information (admins- software installed)
Asynchronous port forwarding
Send and receive SMS messages using TextMagic
Get all active email addresses from Windows Exchange Server
Reversing a String by Words or Characters
GPS distance and bearing between two GPS points
War Game V4
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EAAL (Eve API Access Layer) is a library to interface with the API of Eve Online ( EAAL should be able to handle additions to that API without much change. Note: the source is now on github,

Grant individual users access to the results of specific webforms.

Adds a tab to each webform "edit section" that allows you to add users that should be able to access the results of a webform, but not adjust the form...

dnbnor2qif is a simple tool to help integrate data from the DnBNOR online bank monthly transcripts ("kontoutskrift") to a QIF accepting financial program, i.e. GnuCash.

Displays the album cover artwork for recently listened to songs via

You are required to have a account, and you'll to be running the iScrobbler application to automatically notify of your songs.

EN: With this plugin an user has the ability to twitter a article that he is your site. This plugin is easy to install highly customizable. Caching of short-urls included!

DE: Mit diesem Plugin kann ein Benutzer doDsber Twitter...

This module leverages Popups API in order to provide a form of inline editing for nodereferences on a CCK edit page. It also shows the referenced node's field data in addition to the title [nid: ] info normally displayed. The module also provides...

RootCandy slider/header module exposes RootCandy admin theme header to front-end themes.
Themers can use

if (!empty($rootcandy_header)) print $rootcandy_header;

in page.tpl.php to display the RC...

*** jL_Poll Module Version 1.2 Released ***

*New Features:

Language File included :Provided translation for French, Spanish, German and Danish. You can add more. Just comment all other Language variables except those which...

Scrollable Content provides a scrolling functionality for your content. Scrollable Content will give you a nice content slider preview of your site's nodes, and provides some display options.


* Easy: Very easy to...

Admin Notify is a simple module that permits admin to receive emails whenever a new content is posted on the website. We can configure the content types and also the email on which to receive email. The email subject and body of the email can be...

Asutype is a smart Operating System-level real-time spell check and speed typing software that works with your keyboard to increase your typing accuracy and productivity: it learns and adapts itself to your keyboard habits, spell checks and...

Displays the content of a subpage named "spiad" in a div element for specific pages. For example, you may have a special area in your sidebar with a default content. If you want to display something else in this area for specific pages,...

When users don't fill the title field when posting a comment, or when this field is disabled, Drupal word-safely cuts a 29 characters extract from the beginning of the comment's body to generate a title.
With this module, it is possible to...

Embed PDF documents into your pages easily. This component and plugin works by preprocessing any PDF on the Cynergy server and converting the data to images. The component displays the document in a scrollable Flash area that works on any browser...

This is based off the Pictorialis II code from this site: I

This (small) module provides a views filter, with sortable field options, for the premium module. It's handy if you want to have pages or blocks to list premium specific (or not) content.

The module was sponsored by...

This plugin will import comments from an IntenseDebate export file.

Please provide feedback and bug reports in the Forums

installation :
Upload the IntenseDebate Importer plugin to your blog, Activate it, then navigate...

No Comments On Pages is a tiny WordPress plugin which, when activated, disables posting of new comments to all pages and hides existing ones.

installation :

To install the plugin:

1. Upload the zipfile to...

Insert HTML editor button allows users to paste arbitrary HTML code into current selection. This is especially useful when you get a piece of code like Paypal buttons or Google Adsense to insert into your page.

This project has been abandoned, please use Features instead.

This project is striving to enable developers to combine the power of multiple modules into a single click install along with the ability to add views and content types to...