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Sql Backup Free 1.0.1
DBSync for Oracle and MySQL 1.0.0
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DBSync for Oracle and MySQL 1.0.0
Sql Backup Free 1.0.1
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Sql Backup Free:
* Runs Full SQL Server Database Backups on schedule
* Compresses (zips) the backups
* Sends backups to FTP, local, network folder or HDD drive
* Sends an e-mail confirmation on job's success or failure

Sql Backup Free creates full MS SQL Server database backups on schedule, compresses backup files, sends them to a local, network folder, HDD drive or an FTP server and sends email...

DBSync for Oracle and MySQL is a database synchronization tool which performs two-way conversion and synchronization from Oracle databases to MySQL server and from MySQL to Oracle. The tool is also applicable for MySQL database replication to...