New Code
Free Frontend Builder for Magento 1.0
Aplus Restrict PDF Printing and Editing
Human Resources Interview 2
XBat 1.0
Simple, language independent, "comp 1.0
Repository Swiss Army knife 1.0
Maven Token Replacement Plugin 1.0
JDBC-Script 1.0
BuildMaster3000 3000
MidWatch: Automated Build Engine 0.1.53
Devman (AKA KRGP) 1.0
Library Optimizer 1.0.1
Graph Editor 2.0
LALR Parser Generator rc.2.0.20
Community Z Tools 1.5.0
Top Code
WDM Network Blocking Computation Toolbox 1.1
NES Rom Maker 1.0
Exemple of Lempel Ziv Coding 1.0
Kalman filter(fixed point version) 1.0
BPSK receiver simulation using Spread Spectrum 1.1
xmlpk 1.0
Reed Solomon Decoder using RiBM algorithm 1.0
SAW Correlator Filter Simulation Tools 1.1
weighted median filter 1.0
Digital & Analog Modulation 1.0
Rank-Order Filter 1.0
SPIKED Online Game Engine 1.0
hilbert2 1.0
NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool Manager 2.6.0
Watermark Project 1.0
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Editor for configuration files *.xml and *.properties with special support of maven hierarchy of pom.xml files

Makefile dependency generator for Visual C++. Provides functionality similar to gcc's -M option and allows makefile based projects to include accurate dependencies on header files and rebuild only what is needed when a header file changes.

This project is an enhancement of the already existing XBasic Project.Out goal is to create DataBase-libraries &amp; -progs to access all kinds of data.

This package produces a single web page displaying a front end to an ANT based build system. The purpose of the package is to automate the process of calculating dependencies and building YUI 3 incremental rollout files. It leverages YUI3 own...

Collection Of Static Tools And Response Scripts

This project provides UML extensions to JGraph (, a XMI ( doclet for Javadoc (, and XMI to SVG/PNG converters.

An IDE for developing native Windows 32-bit applications in C and C++. The binary release includes the MinGW32 compiler and build tools.

ssprep is a tool that generates file-trees from a given set of templates. The intent is generation of project structures. The major design goals has been: * Simple. * Platform independent. * Configurable. * Recursive.

wx.NET is a C# wrapper for wxWidgets (, providing a portable GUI toolkit for .NET programs. Supported on Windows, Linux GTK, and Mac OS X using MS.NET or Mono. Visit or click "Project Home Page" below to...

VSPC is the console utility for converting between project formats for various versions of Microsoft Visual Studio. Currently the project supports VS 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2008. Original version of the code was created by Stoyan Damov.

An Apache ANT task to launch Fitnesse server, performan test, and stop Fitnesse server and generate the report in HTML and XML

Need to package up your compiled program so that it can be install on a Windows or Unix machine? Use this Zip Package Maker. ZipPKG Maker lets you, Install, Uninstall, List and create Zip Packages. ZipPKG Maker is compatible with the output files...

Development of a flexible, extendable, but basic php content management systeem. It should become a kind of framework. A basic, but functional CMS/basic website, which can be easily extended with php-codes to create an own unique website.

A next-generation Integrated Development Environment, which tends to gather all the benefits of available development and debugging software. IDE will be built using Qt4 and released under the GPL.

A converter from BIN/IHX files to target TAP/TRD ZX Spectrum's images. May be used with SDCC (Small Device C Compiler).

Now it's planned. For more information, please visit

JSX-SWT is a framework to generate a GUI based on a declarative language that combines XML and JavaScript. The generated components and the business model are kept in sync automaticly. Through simple concepts it offers tremendous power to its users.

A build architecture and base implementation to support fast and efficient software builds. It provides intelligent configurations while making it easy to override default behaviors and experiment with new concepts.

The Ant-Nagios project consists of tasks that allow build processes to communicate to nagios. The first task is a downtime scheduling task allowing builds to notify nagios of downtime for a server/service.

The command line tool intended for combine lot of small images into few big texture atlases.

ClearVersion is web based tool which allows the effective collaboration of development teams for projects hosted in SubVersion. The Web interface supports the development lifecycle that is required in some processes, such as ISO9000 and TL9000.