New Code
Free Frontend Builder for Magento 1.0
Aplus Restrict PDF Printing and Editing
Human Resources Interview 2
XBat 1.0
Simple, language independent, "comp 1.0
Repository Swiss Army knife 1.0
Maven Token Replacement Plugin 1.0
JDBC-Script 1.0
BuildMaster3000 3000
MidWatch: Automated Build Engine 0.1.53
Devman (AKA KRGP) 1.0
Library Optimizer 1.0.1
Graph Editor 2.0
LALR Parser Generator rc.2.0.20
Community Z Tools 1.5.0
Top Code
WDM Network Blocking Computation Toolbox 1.1
NES Rom Maker 1.0
Exemple of Lempel Ziv Coding 1.0
Kalman filter(fixed point version) 1.0
BPSK receiver simulation using Spread Spectrum 1.1
xmlpk 1.0
Reed Solomon Decoder using RiBM algorithm 1.0
SAW Correlator Filter Simulation Tools 1.1
weighted median filter 1.0
Digital & Analog Modulation 1.0
Rank-Order Filter 1.0
SPIKED Online Game Engine 1.0
hilbert2 1.0
NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool Manager 2.6.0
Watermark Project 1.0
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A .NET based Web front-end for NAnt build environments

A library for Euphoria for using XML in your programs.

ui-auto is a set of shell tools to manage software project development.

This is a maven plugin that allows to start, stop, resume, revert to snapshot a Virtual Machine hosted by VMWare Server. It can be useful for test phase.

MakeProcessor is a platform-independant perl script which parses the output of GNU make to produce useful information on the terminal, such as progress toward completion and current action.

Developer tools for EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11), an information modeling language. The core of this project is a Java Express parser using the ANTLR parser generator. This project was initiated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

I wanted to create a simple program that was very portable that could process #include, #define, #ifdef, #ifndef, #else and #endif statements.M4 is too complicated and cannot handle nested if-else this program can be used with M4.

A port of the popular unit testing framework CPPUnit for the popular Mud LP Driver.This allows you to write automated unit tests to test both syncronus and asyncronus functionality in your LPC code.

The purpose of the Regex Assistant is to help you to write regular expressions. With the Regex Assistant you can edit a Perl regex and visualize its behavior.This is an HTML Application (HTA) developped with PerlScript of the ActiveState company.

Akrogen is code generation Eclipse Plugin (version 3.2.*) oriented components. With Akrogen you can describe your Eclipse Wizards pages with XML/XUL.

Scriptella is an open source ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and script execution tool written in Java. Its primary focus is simplicity.

a tool for building Solaris SVr4 and/or OpenSolaris IPS packages from RPM-like spec files

This is NASM - the famous Netwide Assembler. Back at SourceForge and in intensive development! Downloads on this page may be out of date. Get the current versions from

A historisation plugin for maven to store historic build data from different plugins to a database.

WJ Test Framework will analyze, compile and execute for you any piece of Java source code even if it's detached from it's context.

mmGMD es: MySQL Manager GMD, es un nico(por el momento) archivo en el que estn contenidas una serie de clases para poder manejar MySQL mas rpidamente. Se buscan developers, mandar mail o MSN(xshumy"at"

A collection of tools for working with Pyrex, including the following:pyximport - Allows just-in-time compilation of Pyrex modules included from Python code.pyxtest - Platform-independent Pyrex distribution testing tool.

Monant aims to be an easy to use Mono development tool

Join is a software integration/staging management system dedicated to complex and large scale projects. It allows you to manage your project artifacts, resources, environments configuration and orchestrate the build operations of your staging...

This is an utility, used to convert java serializable object to javascript object. It follows JSON ( Javascript Object Notation). This utility mainly useful in web2.0 application development.