New Code
Free Frontend Builder for Magento 1.0
Aplus Restrict PDF Printing and Editing
Human Resources Interview 2
XBat 1.0
Simple, language independent, "comp 1.0
Repository Swiss Army knife 1.0
Maven Token Replacement Plugin 1.0
JDBC-Script 1.0
BuildMaster3000 3000
MidWatch: Automated Build Engine 0.1.53
Devman (AKA KRGP) 1.0
Library Optimizer 1.0.1
Graph Editor 2.0
LALR Parser Generator rc.2.0.20
Community Z Tools 1.5.0
Top Code
WDM Network Blocking Computation Toolbox 1.1
NES Rom Maker 1.0
Exemple of Lempel Ziv Coding 1.0
Kalman filter(fixed point version) 1.0
BPSK receiver simulation using Spread Spectrum 1.1
xmlpk 1.0
Reed Solomon Decoder using RiBM algorithm 1.0
SAW Correlator Filter Simulation Tools 1.1
weighted median filter 1.0
Digital & Analog Modulation 1.0
Rank-Order Filter 1.0
SPIKED Online Game Engine 1.0
hilbert2 1.0
NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool Manager 2.6.0
Watermark Project 1.0
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This is a group of makefile scripts and templates that helps the developer and end-user to configure, update, and build Allegro/AllegroGL/etc projects, on many platforms, and with different compilers, in a easy way (just type "make" and it will work).

prtpacker is a tool for creating trees of program resources which canbe compiled into your program. For example say your program needs animage 'image.png'. Instead of having to make sure 'image.png' is somewhere your program can...

WebRAD is a web application development framework and library of components for Delphi/Kylix that replaces HTML editing with a drag-and-drop approach. WebRAD includes over 30 components including javascript enabled data-aware tables, images and forms

"SAP RFC Proxy Builder" is the easy way to generate the C# Proxy classes of SAP RFC/BAPI functions. Last Update, Please visit:

This program is an HTML code editor. It can generate HTML code based on user input parameters. It is written in Java, and uses a Graphical User Interface. It will work on any system with Java installed. Only source code included.

Smaug Offline Area Builder: allows admins running Smaug or SmaugFUSS muds to create and test dungeon environments - including mobs, objects and programs - offline and import them straight into their game with little or no modification.

A level editor for the games X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, X-Wing, and TIE Fighter. Editor utilizes a common design interface and upgradeable "modules" to code levels, allowing it to adapt to many possible games.

An open source collection of extensions for use with the new Microsoft .NET Build Engine, MSBuild. This project will produce and share tasks, loggers, targets files, and various tools for use with MSBuild projects.

It will automate the task of putting the patches into an exisiting system on the fly. This will help in those complex maintenace projects where making a patch will be time consuming job but can be a money saver if it can be automatised.

This application uses the index facilities created with the JarIndexer to determine what dependencies a project needs based on the source code imports, spring configurations, etc.

Basic ANt Dependencies AIn't Difficult - adds basic inter-project dependency facilities to the Apache Ant build tool.

autotools-idl is a patch for automake and some autoconf scripts that adds support for IDL and C++ ORBs. It provides full support for compiling IDL files to C++ stubs and skeletons. The autoconf scripts provide unified detection of different C++ ORBs.

A tool for transforming DocBook XML to high level type setting languages like Lout and LaTeX. It converts documents into Postscript or PDF and can be used as part of a tool chain as a replacement for openJade/jadeTeX.

it cleans project workspaces by deleting folders such as temporary file, object file, .class file . like intermediate support a eclipse, visual studio ... etc.

This project is targeted to consolidate Embedded Linux Tools Chain under Windows. Most of the cross complication tools are compiled using cygwin.

C and C++ are wonderful languages but makefiles are a pain. The maker is is a tested (it /should/ work) tool that allows building and linking of complex projects (although there are limits) with one single command (very much like javac).If you wan

PHP-JRU (PHP Jasper Report Utils) Es una librerA­a que permite generar reportes usando la tecnologA­a JasperReport en PHP mediante el modulo Java/Bridge.

CDK4MSP stands for Cross Development Kit for the Texas Instruments MSP430 MCUs and should you support with a comprehensive Assembler and C development environment for even this processor familie under Linux or similar host systems. It will present...

phpDbTransfert provides an easy way to make database interfaces between softwares using databases, by transfering datas from one database to another, with transformations needed to make the destination software understand the new datas.

jSmithy-generic project - is early version of Webmill's generic library. In current moment Webmill project located at