New Code
Free Frontend Builder for Magento 1.0
Aplus Restrict PDF Printing and Editing
Human Resources Interview 2
XBat 1.0
Simple, language independent, "comp 1.0
Repository Swiss Army knife 1.0
Maven Token Replacement Plugin 1.0
JDBC-Script 1.0
BuildMaster3000 3000
MidWatch: Automated Build Engine 0.1.53
Devman (AKA KRGP) 1.0
Library Optimizer 1.0.1
Graph Editor 2.0
LALR Parser Generator rc.2.0.20
Community Z Tools 1.5.0
Top Code
WDM Network Blocking Computation Toolbox 1.1
NES Rom Maker 1.0
Exemple of Lempel Ziv Coding 1.0
Kalman filter(fixed point version) 1.0
BPSK receiver simulation using Spread Spectrum 1.1
xmlpk 1.0
Reed Solomon Decoder using RiBM algorithm 1.0
SAW Correlator Filter Simulation Tools 1.1
weighted median filter 1.0
Digital & Analog Modulation 1.0
Rank-Order Filter 1.0
SPIKED Online Game Engine 1.0
hilbert2 1.0
NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool Manager 2.6.0
Watermark Project 1.0
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MGS Frontend builder theme is a Magento base theme which is reviewed and approved at Magento Connect. It's developed based on MGS Frontend Builder and tons of extensions, widgets. Using builder theme will help you easily create and build your own store(s) as you want. With MGS - Frontend Builder Panel, It allows you to build and configure Homepage, Category page, Product page, CMS page, Shopping cart page... at frontend visually without having...

PDF encrypted software is usual for security purpose. It is a unique application those offer you maximum number of security features. Programmer develop most of all security attribute. Tool allows you to set security on PDF file at different level...

Record and monitor candidates details for interview. Record education, skills, view resume, previous employers, agency details, interview tests, further interview, work permit, qualifications, references, projects, interview time , date, location....

Free simple IDE thats helps to you to create batch scripts witwout studing programming

Base idea for Sli"c" was to really make code and data or other content totally independent. As far as I know, all aproaches haven't made a real difference and therefore often let "colide" Webdevelopers or Designers with the...

A tool to create an own Debian Software Repository, without the need for reading tons of manuals.Simple, easy, clear!

Maven plug-in for adding simple out-of-the-box token replacement for configuration or control files.

JDBC-Script is an Ant task that helps to set up complex databases. The database commands are written in an XML file and executed via JDBC. This helps to execute them in the right sequence and have an automatic failure detection.

BuildMaster3000 is a build server written in powershell. It comes with a web front end also written in powershell. It's designed to be completely and easily customizable; and if you know powershell, that's what it is.

MidWatch is an automated build engine for compiling large scale Visual C++ products in the Win32 environment (based on the .dsp file). Currently, it integrates with ClearCase, Install Shield 5.1, RPM and MSI

This project originally was about a megaman clone called "Game Developer Man". Game Developer Man, the game, has long since tanked. However this project has moved on to the KRGP.

The Library Optimizer tool rebuilds shared libraries to contain only the object files needed to provide symbols required by executables and shared libraries in a given directory tree. It can be used to reduce file system sizes for embedded systems.

This tool is based on Graph Theory learning. It can help professors and students to teach and learn the Graph Theory easier. With this tool, people can draw simple graphs and even apply functions on their drawn graphs.

The LALR parser generator (LPG) is a tool for developing scanners and parsers written in Java, C++ or C. Input is specified by BNF rules. LPG supports backtracking (to resolve ambiguity), automatic AST generation and grammar inheritance.

Community Z Tools Project (CZT):
Tools for editing, typechecking and animating Z
specifications and related notations.
Includes a Java framework for building formal methods tools.

Tile map editor (TileME) is for design tile maps with a single tiled image and export map data as an array. this is a very good tool for J2ME game prgrammers and with a very little changes you can use it for any other languages. Tile map Editor DEVEL

slpypkg - a very easy and scriptable Slackware package builder for software developers, unexperienced end-users and package managers as well.

The objective of the TBBdotNET project is to develop interfaces and packages that facilitate integration of Threading Building Blocks (TBB) into Microsoft .NET applications.

Make Me Feel Good, now MmFg, is a script developed in PHP which is intended to create the control panel automatically given a database built in MySql. The control panel is generated on the fly This contains the HTML JavaScript CSS SQL and PHP...

DaVinci DV3 Software Development Kit (Sharp SM6010).Contains a debugger and assembler for the DaVinci DV3.