New Code
The Karma Language 1.0
Sylex PHP forms 1.0
AlluraSkel 1.0
Rapid Dev of MVC2 plus Ajax Framework 1.0
PersistenceObjects for php 0.8
Crea Castor JDO Mapping 1.0
Cantaloop 0.2.1
BatchSplitter 1.0
GALS - Ger. de An. Lxicos e Sinttico 1.0
Shoelacer 1.0
Buxa Code Documentor for PHP 6 0.3.5
ReMIPS 1.0
PersistMe .NET O/R mapper 1.0
ifnames conditional identifiers scanner
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UDSGenerator 1.0
Netbeans Java SQL Generator 0.2.6
Image2Code 1.1
prodee 1.0
AVR Wizard 1.0
CoFlo 294
Logical Neighborhoods 1.0
vhdl npp plugin 2
RiaBiz Business Software Generator 1.0
Java Pattern Processor rc
Greenvine 1.0
p2cxx 1.0
santos 1.0
AVR code generator 1.0
Java-2-Pseudo 1.0
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Karma is a high-level scripting langauge - it combines powerful syntax with types and structures useful for data-processing, and quick and fluid programming, making it an ideal language format for a hypertext preprocessor, form processing or lexical anal

Is a collection of PHP classes understood to create html forms (form generator) in a quick and simple way. 14 field types with javascript validation, front-end to create it and easy way to create edition forms to modify mySQL database.

Grab this to try your hand at developing a tool for Allura. Currently supports:
- python package setup
- simple per-project-installable Tool
- simple Ming/MongoDB model
- simple TurboGears Controllers
- simple Jinja templates

SPACS is an extension for Macromedia / Adobe Flash that automates flash tutorial creation. Using the SPACS panel, users submit a sequence of images, define hotspots which trigger question / answer sets, and outputs a flash...

Project aims to1) To provide a rapid application development framework based combining AJAX and STRUT. 2) A tool to generate code 80% code with all the basic helper features like validation, datasource list, webservice etc.

A library for managed persistence for mysql and php. Quickens php-application development by reducing the amount of code needed for business-methods. Like Java's Hibernate, the methods for basic CRUD operations are implemented and more can be...

A generator for Castor JDO Mapping's that uses the database information

Cantaloop aims to provide a framework which simplifies and speeds upthe application development process with the java programminglanguage. It contains a codegeneration engine for self-validating input forms which partly implements ``XForms''.

Generate .bat files for generating tiled .tif files from MrSID using FWTools gdal_translate and gdaladdo for use by mapserver. This tool also creates the .bat file for generating the tile index and tile shape files for use by mapservertilecache.

Este programa um gerador de Analisadores Lxicos e Sintticos, o resultado de um trabalho de concluso de curso, do curso de Cincias da Computao da UFSC.

Shoelacer generates C code to compress short strings based upon provided sample data. The resulting routines use small models with low memory overhead.

An easy to use API for documenting PHP (>= 5.3) projects. It follows a strict structure and originally, it was only written for the Buxa Framework. The documentor mainly uses reflection and yes... of course, it supports the namespace stuff.

ReMIPS is a tool that manipulates binaries directly, applying code reengineering techniques (like optimization or binary translation techniques). Currently it only supports the ELF object-file format and the MIPS architecture.

PersistMe is a .NET O/R mapper whose main focus is to be simple to use, adaptable to your software code patterns (not the other way) without sacrificing power and robustness. PersistMe Can be used by any .NET programming language (C#, VB.NET, etc).

Scans source code files for identifiers that appear within conditional compilation directives

"Web Test Tools" is an open source project which provides tools for different kind of testing such as unit tests (JUnit), and different kinds of tests for applications. Additionaly you can download here good implementation of internet...

The Domain Specific Modeling Language for Multiagent Systems (DSML4MAS) is a platform independent language for specifying multiagent systems. The DSML4MAS Development Environment (DDE) is a model-driven development environment based on DSML4MAS.

A tool for increasing the quality of Java applications. It allows the programmer to use design by contract and define other development aspects right in the classes where they are relevant, as JavaDoc comments. It's a combination of AspectJ...

CPPClassGenerator is a tool to create C++ classes really fast, instead of programming the whole thing at each and every time you need to create one. It won't create everything for you, but it will make you gain some time, that's for sure !

expy is an expressway to extend Python, striving to be as simple and elegant as Python itself.