New Code
VisualNEO for Windows 18.08.31
Text to Software 1.6.1
Text to Software 1.3.31
tunguska 1.0
ast parser 1.0
Pyxl 1.0
Blaise a free Pascal compiler 1.0
Fluffy Language 0.1
InstantJ 1.6
HBasic 1.0
the Core 1.0
XqA 1.0
PLSC Extractor 1.0
Largetic 1.0
Eclipse Java File Compiler 1.0
Top Code
Basic To Nasm source code converter 8.6.2004
Parsing Simulator 1.0
JCompiler 1.1b
minilexer 1.0
p2j 1.0
Lisp Operating System 1.0
JADE Mobile Agent Self-Protection 1.0
Object-oriented language based on java. 1.0
rpg2cpp/RPG++ an RPG/400 to C++ compiler 1.0
SRGS compiler 1.0
cJ - conditional Java 1.0
Compiler and Virtual Machine for PLG 1.0
Game BASIC 1.0
C-Lesh Programming Language 1.0
Dragon Fire 1.0
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An academic exercise (and someday maybe more) in combining some of the coolest programming language features into the Uber language.

Pascal compiler for .NET with GUI.

CQSAT is a powerful, comprehensive and extensible framework for static analysis of program source code and detection of software defects.

LexClean is design of analizador lexicon, that it recognizes and it separates strings leaving of a set of standards that are established through recognized functions, where such functions verify if each caracter it belongs or not to a set.

ferite is a modern, lighweight, portable, threadsafe scripting engine with a language that is very easy to pick up and leverage for any task. It\'s been designed for rapid deployment in other programs as well as stand alone use.

Tiny Microchip PIC C-Compiler. Targeted for PIC14 architecture.

Oracle PL/SQL to Java translation library that will enable PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions to be translated into Java with plus associated types

Linux port for the Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) gaming system. Based on Jackson Mo's uClinux 2.6.22-uc1 port to the PSP (

xicc is the xiTrace C Compiler (, also on, a scripting language for 3d-scene modelling in a procedural manner. xicc is mostly inspired by the C-Programming-Language and will provide in-core support for vector and matrix...

System C# (scs) - Port of the C# language for generating highly optimized system code to C++ C or GCC backend. SCS is not JIT'ed, does not need GC, includes c/c++ header files, has full macro support, and allows fine control of all generated...

a new state-oriented Java Language and its develop kit

cJ is an extension of Java that allows fields and methods of a classor interface to be provided only under certain static subtypingconditions. cJ allows concise code that would otherwise result in a combinatorial explosion of program length.

YAJC (Yet Another Java Compiler) is a compiler for the Java programming language to Java bytecode. It started as a university project in 2009.

A blend of Java and Oberon-2 ideas, with a custom touch.

Russian word `loza' means a material made from a willow or other wood, to create lapti and folk art objects that are pragmatically used in life.

This project aims to create an ARM processor emulator for Linux/x86, utilising dynamic binary translation techniques for maximum speed.

zharbour - xbase, Clipper, harbour, xharbour - unification project.

The CocoDelphiIDE is an environment for developing Coco/R grammars and for generating (Delphi-) parsers from these grammars.

Avr32fasm is prefix Forth-assembler for AVR32 processors core. Main purpose of project - create base for develop Forth system for AVR32. Avr32fasm provides as assembler for creating low level Forth words.

{sets} is a lightweight constraint programming language. The uniqueness of {sets}, is that it uses ROBDD ( Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams ) to represent and solve constraints.

DKU is an embedded parallel language, or "piggy-back" language that uses function calls to invoke the language's execution model. It tunes task-size to the hardware while hiding hardware details for high performance portability of...