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DotLisp rc
FreeMat 4.1
UDK Community Debugger 1.0
Toolchain for M68HC(S)08 08
The Epoch Language Project 1.0
SMIS MRI console simulator 1.7
Php Interpreter 1.0
Message Passing Policeman 1.0
JCola 01.beta
H3xC4T 1.0
ddd-3.3.12patch 1.0
Doc What`s Up 1.0
STVEclipse 1.0
OSProg 1.0
gdbstubs 1.0
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HTML::Lint 1.21
Multi-Platform 8051 Simulator 1.0
Jintilla - Source Editing Control 32
c2vcg 1.0b3
Simple memmory profiler 0.1
TDebugger - interactive PHP debugger
SpurTracer 0.7
Tbug 0.2
Stack tracer 13
Tcl Golems 1.0.0
Thread-GDB b.2.2.0
TickBug rc.22.07.2010
NReflector 1.0
TinyLogging 1.0b
Tools 'A' 1.0
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An interactive, Lisp-like language for .Net scripting and development, having deep .Net integration, sharing type system, GC and other runtime services etc., with transparent access to .Net w/o a FFI or wrappers.

Freemat is an interpreted, matrix-oriented development environment for engineering and scientific applications, similar to the commercial package MATLAB. Freemat provides visualization, image manipulation, and plotting as well as parallel...

An Open Source Community Debugger for the Unreal Development Kit. Designed as a free, open source alternative to nFringe.

This is a port of several development tools for Freescale M68HC08/HCS08 embedded microcontrollers families. Currently work is focused on binutils (as,ld), gdb and sim port. GCC, newlib, etc. porting will start after finishing the main as/ld support.

Epoch is a robust, pragmatic, multi-paradigm language with an emphasis on solving real world development challenges.

This is a simulator for the SMIS research MRI consoles. It executes compiled pulse sequences, and emulates the MR3040/50, MR3031, and RF cards. If you have an SMIS scanner, you will find this a useful pulse sequence development aid.

Simple interpreter system. Customer, intrerpreter and admin based system. (order and pay)
For example ;
customer-> translated document(s)->to admin with form->admin to interpreter->

MPP - Message Passing Policeman. It is a library for debugging of MPI-applications.

JCola is a file tailing application written in Java Swing. This multithreaded application can tail an unlimited amount of logfiles concurrently and simulates "tail -f" with much more functionality.

H3xC4T reads binary files and show hexadecimal content ordered in columns... in the future, I'll add some features as such as plain binary conversion or disassembling...

The patch comm-manag allows ddd to start up correctly. Loads all the debug info files, Breakpoints are correct, project is correctly saved and loaded. ddd-3.3.12-260210 patch makes usable register display for MMX and SIMD instructions 32 - 64 bit.

A bug profiling and -reporting program/lib written in java. It enables implementing (java-)programs to generate meaningful reports in case of an error. They can be submitted (automaticly/dialog) by mail (text, html, bugzilla ..) without external...

An open-source eclipse development environment for a commercial PVR product (SageTV)

OSProg (Open Source PRogrammer) is a device programmer project. The target is to provide with wide range supported devices (PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, PIC, MCU, etc) at low price, simple and flexible hardware design.

A reusable gdb stub architecture for multiple processor architectures and platforms. Enables embedded systems development using GNU compiler, linker, debugger and other tools.

Printr Debugger is an Actionscript implementation of the "print_r" function from PHP. It has a lot of options, the results are presented in the Output Window or in the Printr Debugger Flash Panel. It offers remote inspection too.

A suite of reverse engineering tools for ELF executables and any operating system that supports it, including numerous gdb patches.

Decompilator based on dcc tool made by Cristina Cifuentes (

Bochs-gdb is a debugger pluggin for Open Source PC Emulator Bochs. The main target is implementation of gdb stub which in conjunction with gdb can be used for debugging programs running in Bochs.

Desquirr is a decompiler plugin for Interactive Disassembler Pro. It is currently capable of simple data flow analysis of binaries with Intel x86 machine code.