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luxSQL 1.0
SharkEmu Manager v3 3
Chronicles Church Information Management 1.0
Automatic Website Defacement Injector 1.0
Python Active Object Server 1.5
Sedna Native XML Database 64
Free-Vote 1.0
Universal Network Manager 1.0
JavaFlexFramework 1.0
University Admission System 1.0
JotScale 1.0
Geodesical, Rhizomatic, Onion-Shaped DB 1.0
EndDB 1.0
Control Your Computer On The Browser 1.0
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Money Transfer 1.0
CodingEvolution 1.0
Spock Proxy 1.0
The Classic Scriptures 1
Betting Agency 0.5.3
CLucene - a C++ search engine
shopping mall management system 1.0
Point of Sale Solution 1.0
SecurityFusion IPS/IDS 1.0
Distributed Parts Management System 1.0
aymanz 1.0
SimpleForms 1.0
A 3D Model Search Engine 1.0
Depeche HTTP Server 1.0
Naruto 1.2.2.beta
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LuxSQL is a fast mini embedded database server. Using a Structured Query Language to access and manipulate information within the database. Becuase LuxSQL is a SQL database, it is easy to use and maintain a relational databse.

Une suite de logiciels codA©s en par Urtimal dans le but de pouvoir gA©rer un serveur privA© dofus sous sharkemu trA?s facilement. La version 3 sortira d'ici peu. Un peu de patience ;)

Church information management database system written on the Django platform.

AWDInjector is an automatic parallel-connection SQL injector.It performs automatic defacement and OS command execution on multiple targets.It mimics the infamous ASPROX behavior, while allowing control over the content being injected.

Paos is a server for Python objects and event notifications, and comes with a client module for network communication and object cache management. Paos is often used in workflow systems and similar applications.

Sedna is a native full-featured XML database management system.

A complete system for Web Based elections & consults. Support for multiple, concurrent, fully programable elections, separate lists of voters, Web based user/lists/vote admin, email feedback, etc

olap4j is an open Java API for connecting to OLAP servers and writing analytic applications.

Code is at

An application designed to manage a variety of network devices (routers, switches,...) from a single application. The project provides a tool for use in networks with devices from different manufacturers.

JBoss server setup for flex spring hibernate framework.

Basic objectives are to extend their reach to geographically scattered students, reducing time in activities, centralized data handling and paperless admission with reduced manpower.

The JotScale project is a cluster of servers implementing a highly scalable object storage system combined with a high performance http server and a subscription system. Jotscale now depends upon Mojasi (same trunk). Pure Java. Source only.

A proof-of-concept, vector-hashed, video card-accelerated, 3D database system built on the Euclidean space, using geodesic spheres arranged in the shape of an onion and its layers, allowing the creation of node relations using a rhizome-like...

This project was founded in 2008 led by CodeDemon and Killer911Pt, the project is an effort to provide a universal database solution for all ArcEmu servers. The EndDB project supports Blizzlike, Funserver and Twink realms

RemoteSE is a remote computer control system.

BackApps is an innovative service designed for smart phones applications developers that allows data sharing between application users.

DBDOM bridges the gap between XML and relational databases.DBDOM is an implementation of the World-Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Document Object Model in SQL.DBDOM turns any RDBMS into an XML application server.

DataDraw is a feature rich database generator for high performance C applications. DataDraw gives your C application a high performance object-oriented framework at speeds that beat hand coded C.

The goal of PyTables is to enable the end user to efficiently and easily manipulate large datasets (both homogenous, i.e. arrays, and heterogenous, i.e. tables) on a persistent, hierarchical way.

Ubik is a Java-based asynchronous event processing framework.